The following is a list of project-related publications that have thus far issued from members of the Pioneers of Island Melanesia project (or rather, those that have come to the attention of the page maintainer).

In press

Lindström, Eva (in press). “Aspects of the prosody of Kuot, a language where intonation ignores stress”. To appear in Linguistics 43:4
 (with Bert Remijsen).

Terrill, Angela (in press). “Coordination in Lavukaleve (Solomon Islands)”. To appear in Martin Haspelmath (ed) Coordinating constructions. Typological Studies in Language 58. John Benjamins.

Terrill, Angela (in press). “Written in the sand: lexical evidence of early Papuan/Austronesian interaction in the Solomon Islands”. To appear in Journal of the Polynesian Society.


Terrill, Angela. 2003. A grammar of Lavukaleve. Mouton Grammar Library 30. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Terrill, Angela & Michael Dunn. 2003. “Orthographic design in the Solomon Islands: the social, historical, and linguistic situation of Touo (Baniata)”. Written languages and literacy 6(2): 177–192.


Dunn, Michael, Ger P. Reesink & Angela Terrill. 2002. “The East Papuan Languages: A preliminary typological appraisal”. Oceanic Linguistics 41(1).

Leavesley, M.G., M.I. Bird, L.K. Fifield, P.A. Hausladen, G.M. Santos & M.L. di Tada. 2002. “Buang Merabak: Early Evidence for Human Occupation in the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea”. Australian Archaeology 54: 55–57.

Lindström, Eva. 2002. “The Body in Expressions of Emotion: Kuot” in Pragmatics & Cognition (special issue: The Body in Description of Emotion). Vol 10: 1–2, 159–184.

Lindström, Eva. 2002. Topics in the grammar of Kuot, a non-Austronesian language of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. PhD dissertation, Stockholm University. »read online

Terrill, Angela. 2002. “Why make books for people who don’t read?: a perspective on documentation of an endangered language from Solomon Islands”. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 155–156: 205–219.

Terrill, Angela. 2002. “Systems of nominal classification in East Papuan languages”. Oceanic Linguistics 41(1).


Leavesley, M.G. & J. Allen. 1998. “Dates, Disturbance and Artefact Distributions: Another Analysis of Buang Merabak, a Pleistocene Site on New Ireland, Papua New Guinea”. Archaeology in Oceania 33: 62–88.


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